bed, 2002
still from continuous loop video
dimensions variable

In Bed, the viewer initially engages in the voyeuristic act of eavesdropping. The noise from squeaking bedsprings is heard before the image is seen. When the video image merges into view, the voyeur’s expectations are suddenly humored by the natural act of two people playing together. The frame size suggests one is looking through the crack of a door into the space, emphasizing the act of peeping.

Two women are seen jumping in circles on a bed transforming the usually intimate space of a bedroom into one of playfulness. Only the lower portion of the identically dressed woman’s bodies can be seen. This masking emphasizes their anonymity.

The intuitive nature of the women’s relationship creates a timed yet unchoreographed action. The resulting sound of the squeaking bed creates a playful musical rhythm. Through the device of the continuous loop the activity is eternalized.
all images © Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann 2000-2007